M is my very last baby, and since my other three children are quite a bit older, it’d been some time since I’d planned a party for a teeny person. I was lucky enough to share my pregnancy and the first year of parenting M with a dear friend, who also gave birth to a daughter and just ten days before I did. We were also neighbors, and it only made sense to celebrate the girls’ first birthdays together. My friend unwittingly set the party’s theme in motion when she sent me a Pinterest link with an incredibly elaborate sugar daffodil adorned cake. I saw a lot of hard labor and frosting everywhere in our future, so I found an adorable and irresistible recipe for daffodil cake pops instead. My logic at the time suggested that making and decorating fifty individual cakes was somehow easier than just one. Because they’re…small? Anyway, the cake pop maker I bought from a craigslist mother/son duo in a nearby 7-Eleven parking lot worked like a champ, as did the recipe I’d followed to Bakeat350.net. I found some stray baskets in the garage, lined the bottoms with floral foam, and covered that with a bag of faux moss from one of the floral aisles at Michaels. I also baked some strawberry lemonade cupcakes, decorated with my own designs, to complement the theme, and made M&M and pretzel flowers held together with white chocolate wafers. (Well-timed bouts of mania can be a thing of beauty.) And finally, I loved loved loved the luscious illustration I found to put together the invitation. The babies enjoyed it all, despite entirely failing to appreciate the finer details of my design work. But c’mon, just look at those last two pics of the birthday girls chowing down. So worth it.

All photography courtesy of Bruce Jeffrey

ClientTwo very cute one-year-oldsServicesCake design, print design, art directionYear2015

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