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Excuse me, because I am about to name drop (in the order in which their websites appear). I just have to show appreciation for these and all the authors who have come to Both is Better/MULTIRACHEL for design services and creative collaboration over the years. Can’t thank you all enough. (And yes, there are many more of you…and plenty more blog posts to come, as well.)

Lauren Grodstein is currently running the creative writing MFA program at Rutgers Camden, she’s a Jersey girl like me, and she knows how to write a damn fine book. I met Lauren as her student, in the first of only two classes I was able to take (afford) in the program, back in 2009 or thereabouts. I am fairly certain hers was the first book website I ever designed, a do-over for her to mark the release of A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY.

Daniel Menaker is the former editor-in-chief of Random House and before that, he was the fiction editor at The New Yorker. And before that…well, you can read his (very good) memoir, MY MISTAKE. I’ve been creating iterations of Dan’s sites since his book about conversation, A GOOD TALK, was released in early 2011. Dan and I met at a writing conference in 2009 when I asked an awkwardly worded question during the Q&A after his talk. (Side note: Dan has edited Alice Munro. ALICE. MUN. FREAKING. RO.)

Krista Bremer asked me to create her website when her book about her cross-cultural marriage A TENDER STRUGGLE (originally titled MY ACCIDENTAL JIHAD) was soon to be published. Krista is the recipient of both a Pushcart Prize and a North Carolina Arts Fellowship. She is an associate publisher of North Carolina’s The Sun.

TaraShea Nesbit completely unsettled me with her debut novel, THE WIVES OF LOS ALAMOS, and apparently, I am in good company. The book, which is told from an innovative POV, is about the Manhattan Project’s building of the atomic bomb from the perspectives of the scientists’ in-the-dark wives. Since its release in 2014, the book has become a national bestseller and a New York Times Book Review editors’ choice.

When Katherine Heiny first asked me to create her site, I was maybe a little starstruck — I’d read and admired her short story “How to Give the Wrong Impression” (published in The New Yorker in 1992, when she was only 25) in a college creative writing class taught by my beloved mentor Karen Rile. Katherine was about to publish her first book after all those years, a collection of short stories called SINGLE, CAREFREE, MELLOW, to considerable press and praise. And her latest, STANDARD DEVIATION, a novel, earned a starred review from Kirkus.

Anna Ziegler‘s website needed a facelift to better promote all she’s achieved as a playwright. Her work has been produced on the West End (in which Nicole Kidman starred!) and at The Old Globe, Seattle Repertory Theatre, City Theatre, and many more, and developed at the Sundance Theatre Lab, and NY Stage & Film, amongst others. Anna is also at work on a television series for HBO and another for AMC/Sundance, and a screenplay for Scott Free Productions. Back to Nicole Kidman?!

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