I finally, finally, finally got to go to Adobe MAX in 2017. Inside the vendor expo area was an all-black and mysterious looking cordoned off area with a consistently long line and a sign that read “Adobe Create.” I caught the line at its shortest on the first day on a whim, not even knowing what I would be waiting for – though eventually I asked, of course. I waited until it was my turn to sit in the shrouded black booth, where two young men ushered me into a chair. It was so dark I couldn’t easily see them, or much of anything. I asked how I should sit, or pose, and they said, “Do whatever feels comfortable.” Sitting still with my eyes closed turned out to be perfectly comfortable. The Adobe Create booth uses some of their incredibly advanced tech, whereby they map the contours of your face, neck, and upper chest, and then project a series of moving graphics onto it. Then they send you a video and stills, which were definitely my favorite take-homes from the conference.

I don’t mean to brag, but the two guys who I could not see told me that my session created some of the best results they’d gotten all day. I’m thinking it was the lace overlay on my top, what a happy coincidence.

ClientMe + AdobeServicesHolding

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